Notts IoT – September 2020 – Microsoft IoT Special – Links

At September’s meetup, we were really lucky to have two fantastic speakers from the Microsoft IoT team at Microsoft.

Pamela Cortez spoke about Geo-Fencing, AI DevKit, IoT Central, Health and Safety enforcement and Azure Maps.

Benjamin Cabé spoke about how to use GitHub CodeSpaces with Embedded Development and the STM32.

Here’s a bunch of links that were shared during the event;

Link to the Event Page:

Live Event Replay:

Pamela Cortez:

Benjamin Cabé:

Azure Mask:

Azure Maps Code Samples:

Azure IoT Code Samples:

Azure Custom Vision:

Azure IoT Central;

Apress IoT Edge Book:

VS Code IoT Tools:

Benjamin Cabe’s VS Code Tools for IoT Developers:

Nvidia Jetson Nano Development Kit:

Nvidia Jetson Intelligent Video Analytics:

GitHub CodeSpaces:

Azure Security Center for IoT:

IoT Workplace Health and Safety Demo:

Microsoft IoT YouTube Channel:

Time Series Insights Expression Syntax:

Time Series Insights Explorer:

Azure RTOS Getting Started:

Open OCD:

VS Code DTDL Markup Extension:

ST Microelectronics STM3214 Discovery Kit:

ST Microelectronics B-L475E:



Azure RTOS Samples:

MXChip RTOS Getting Started:

Azure IoT Dev Kit Projects: