Edge Intelligence: Using IoT Edge with Paul Foster of Microsoft – 17th May 2018

17th May from 8pm - Minor Oak, Nottingham

What's it about?

This session explores IoT Edge as a managed mechanism for edge compute tasks on streaming data.

What will we be doing?

Paul will be demonstrating device deployment, management and module implementation. The session well equip attendees to deploy IoT Edge in a variety of roles from gateway to connected car.

What do we need to bring?

Yourself and a willingness to learn!


Please note. Neither the speaker nor the Nottingham IoT Meetup are responsible for any damage to any components or hardware you may bring along.

Note also that the equipment at the event remains the property of the speaker, and is for demo purposes only. (See above if you’d like to bring your own!)

About Our Speaker

Paul Foster:

Paul Foster is a Principle Software Engineer at Microsoft UK. Paul builds IoT solutions at Microsoft, working across a wide range of sectors and customers, providing a mix of technical and strategic guidance around the creative use of technology in relation to their business needs.

You can reach Paul on Twitter: @PaulFo