Begin to automate your house with Amazon Alexa and the Raspberry Pi – June 2018

21st June from 6.30pm - Uni Days, Nottingham

What's it about?

This session will take you through how to control gadgets in your home using an Amazon Echo, the Alexa Voice Service and a Raspberry Pi

What will we be doing?

Pete Gallagher will be taking you through how to write a basic Amazon Alexa Skill which connects through Amazon IoT to control a light connected to a Raspberry Pi. Following on from that we’ll be delving into Amazon Rekognition to ask Alexa what your Raspberry Pi can see!

We’ll be covering:

  • Alexa Skills
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon IoT
  • AWS Rekognition
  • Node Js

What do we need to bring?

Yourself and a willingness to learn!


Please note. Neither the speaker nor the Nottingham IoT Meetup are responsible for any damage to any components or hardware you may bring along.

Note also that the equipment at the event remains the property of the speaker, and is for demo purposes only. (See above if you’d like to bring your own!)

About Our Speaker

Pete Gallagher

Pete Gallagher is a freelance programmer for PJG Creations Ltd. He’s happy programming in most languages these days. Pete has given a number of talks on IoT recently on topics from An Introduction to IoT through to Microsoft IoT Hubs.

Pete can be contacted on Twitter at: @pete_codes, @pjgcreations and on the web at